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What sets us apart

Just like you, we also operate amusement trains for passengers so we know what works and what
doesn't. Our 1.5 mile “laboratory” track reveals in real-time what components work best, what
materials and finishes are most comfortable and easy to clean, which parts don’t last or where
weird noises and vibration pop up.

We see what’s needed for a comfortable ride so we develop unique features like our passenger
misting system, wide entry/exit openings, and adjustable ergonomic joystick controls for the
driver. Our strong Safety background helps us design features that ensure your train stays under
control in all situations and that passenger areas exceed US guidelines for a safe ride.

We know where the wear points are and how to control them and we’ve learned how the
slightest fine tuning in programming and balance make considerable improvement in
performance and range. We’re able to test to the limits and establish safety factors that ensure
you have a safe and reliable ride for your drivers and guests -- it's kind of like our own Racing

We build Disney-quality trains that look, move, and sound just like a real steam locomotive with
no hazardous fuel, toxic exhaust or bulldozer noise. Our ‘killer-app’ is our proprietary
direct-drive powertrain that quietly and efficiently transports thousands of passengers all day
on a single charge while the synchronized steam sound effects make guests think it really is
live steam.

We know what you expect from your train whether it’s day 1 or day 10,000 and because we run
what we build and we build them to last, we are confident your Texas Bells and Whistles train
will exceed your expectations year after year.

from other train manufacturers?

Quality and reliability is our mission.

Operational experience is our superpower.

(and being train nerds really helps)