Standard Passenger Coach

Our seven-row Standard passenger coaches are made of lightweight aluminum materials to increase operating range and allow for more passengers per train. Each coach comes standard with speakers and lighting and 30-inch spring-equalized trucks with pneumatic brakes for a safe, smooth, quiet ride.
Each row can hold a maximum of 450 pounds and comfortably seats 2 adults with one child or 4 children per seat (total of 14 adults with 7 children or 28 children per coach).
For faster, easier, and safer loading and unloading of riders of all ages, our seats provide a generous clearance width for comfortable entry and exit.
Also standard on the front row of all coaches is a dual-side ADA-compliant Transfer Seat for easy compliance with ADA standards at no extra cost. Simply unlock and swing the side frame out to make the seat accessible.
Another great feature on all of our standard coaches is the ability to lower your roof clearance by 3-1/2 inches simply by rebolting the roof down to the next setting. All you need is a wrench and you are good to go!
Download our Standard Coach spec sheet.
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