Our electric drive offers standard safety enhancements that are simply beyond what any internal combustion locomotive can offer.
Aside from the obvious benefit of ZERO exhaust emissions, our programmable motor controller allows the locomotive to be limited to a top speed. That’s nice…, but it goes beyond that. The controller limits the locomotive to that top speed even when heading downhill and automatically brakes the locomotive to stay below that speed without any action from the operator. Really nice.
But wait, there’s more!
When the train stops, the controller will hold the locomotive in position with no action from the operator… even on a hill!
And there’s even more!!
We also program our locomotives with a “dead-man” feature to automatically slow to a full stop in 30 seconds when the controls are released to avoid a dreaded runaway train.
And beyond the amazingly cool features of our programmable electric drive, our locomotives also:
  • Are ASTM compliant
  • Use safe Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery cells
  • Include triple-mode (electric, pneumatic, and mechanical) fail-safe brakes
  • Include video monitoring/recording of rearward passenger areas