24 inch gauge amusement train locomotive Pecos

The Pecos

The Pecos is based on the same drivetrain and frame as our Brazos locomotive so like The Brazos, she has a maximized tractive effort through her weight carefully balanced over the drive wheels. This design creates a very stable and nimble locomotive that can pull 6 fully-loaded standard TXBW coaches with ease.
The Pecos is equipped with:
  • Realistic Phoenix Sound® steam sound effects
  • Push-button operated sander
  • Push-button operated track-greaser
  • Bluetooth-enabled train audio player
  • Rear-viewing video monitor/recorder
  • Custom 3-chime solid brass air whistle
  • Ergonomically adjustable joystick operation
  • Digital color graphic data display
  • Electric air compressor with 12-gallon reservoir
  • Triple mode (electric/pneumatic/spring) fail-safe brakes
  • On-board battery charger
  • LED headlamp
  • Durable powder-coat finish
  • Solid brass detailing
  • Custom vinyl graphics
Weight: 4,500 pounds
Max recommended speed
10 mph
Min recommended curve radius
 100 feet*
Max recommended grade
*can accommodate 50' radius curves but increased drag will decrease range
contact us for current pricing
^ Due to import price fluctuations for raw materials, prices are subject to change without notice
For those who aren't a fan of the tank engine style of locomotive, we also offer The Pecos. This locomotive starts with the Basic 26 KWh battery pack for a 35 mile range pulling a fully loaded train but you can run even farther by choosing the 52 KWh battery pack, doubling her range to 71 miles on one charge*.
For more information, contact trains@texaslocomotion.com
Download The Pecos spec sheet
Cab doors open for easy access
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