Economical operation is key for any business investing in railroad entertainment. Small and frequent costs add up quickly and extended labor for unplanned maintenance and repairs can wreck your bottom line without warning. Long-lived and reliable equipment is the key to productivity and profitability.
You need to pull passengers on schedule so instead of expecting you to recharge your batteries multiple times just to get through the day, we provide equipment that runs reliably on its own from start to finish on one full charge. Charging batteries overnight at a moderate charge rate is best for battery chemistry and promotes longer battery life. Also, many utility companies charge lower rates during off-peak hours so additional economy is gained by avoiding frequent daytime station charging.
Our charge system is also fully packaged on-board so all you do is plug your locomotive into a standard 120V outlet to charge it. No additional bulky, expensive external charger or special track wiring is needed in your maintenance shop or station.
Labor cost savings with our electric locomotives is a huge benefit for your operation. Consider the time spent:
  • Refueling (and managing fuel storage)
  • Removing and replacing body panels
  • Changing engine/hydraulic oil and filters
  • Troubleshooting/replacing spark plugs, belts, and chains
  • Cleaning up oily, grimy residues from just about everywhere
  • Medical expenses for burns and cuts received while working in tight spaces
  • Walking the track to apply grease to curves by hand