24 inch gauge amusement train locomotive Brazos
24 inch gauge amusement train locomotive Brazos

The Brazos/Pecos

The Pecos, with the straight boiler, is capable of carrying up to 53 kilowatt-hours of lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries for an estimated range of 77 miles (~11.6 continuous hours) pulling 5 loaded coaches on a single charge; while The Brazos, with the square tank body, can carry up to 80 kWh of batteries for an estimated range over 100 miles  (~16.7 continuous hours) pulling 5 loaded coaches on a single charge.*
* Average 6.0 mph pulling 30,600 lbs of coaches and passengers on level track with >100' radius curves - actual performance will vary
All versions of this locomotive are equipped with:
  • Realistic steam sound effects
  • Push-button operated sander
  • Push-button operated track-greaser
  • Programmable train audio player
  • Rear-viewing video monitor/recorder
  • Custom 3-chime solid brass air whistle
  • Ergonomically adjustable joystick operation
  • Digital color graphic data display
  • 100% duty-cycle electric air compressor with 12-gallon reservoir
  • Triple mode (electric/pneumatic/spring) fail-safe brakes
  • On-board battery charger
  • LED headlamp
  • Durable powder-coat and epoxy finish
  • Solid brass detailing
  • Custom vinyl graphics
Weight: 4,500 to 6,000 pounds
Max recommended speed
12 mph
Min recommended curve radius
 100 feet*
Max recommended grade
*can accommodate 50' radius curves and steeper grade but resulting drag will decrease range
contact us for current pricing
^ Due to import price fluctuations for raw materials, prices are subject to change without notice
The Brazos and Pecos are our Plantation-style
locomotives designed from the ground up around our
groundbreaking proprietary battery-electric drive.
Their small size and powerful traction makes them
perfect first locomotives for your new train operation
or as ideal replacements for old, tired locos.
For more information, contact trains@texaslocomotion.com
Wide enough for 2 adults in cab
Multiple stack options available
Open The Brazos spec sheet
Open The Pecos spec sheet
Clean and simple to operate with great visibility
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