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Texas Bells and Whistles

Battery-Electric Amusement Train

and Transportation Manufacturing

Texas Bells and Whistles is the premier manufacturer of high-performance
long-range 24-inch gauge electric locomotives for railroad entertainment.

We focus on building locomotives that are safe and simple to operate, pleasing to the
eye (and ears and nose), and dependably productive for your business.

We don’t sell boxes on wheels with lawnmower engines. We build stunning and
affordable equipment, right here in Texas, for you to entertain kids of all ages.

Our trains look, move, and sound like the opulent iron horses that roamed the earth
over a century and a half ago

...and your passengers will notice.

Using advanced battery-electric drive technology and attractive locomotive design,
we offer the next standard in railroad entertainment equipment that is outstanding in
quality, safety, economy and frankly… awesomeness.

Are you tired of awkwardly sitting atop a hot, rattling engine that sounds awful, smells bad,
and is costing more each day to keep running?

How about lugging fuel to your engine and cleaning up spills? Or storing hazardous
materials, changing/disposing oil, replacing belts and chains, frequent breakdowns,
emergency repairs and disappointed passengers?

We have your solution.

Come see what we offer and you will agree that we are the best choice for your
railroad entertainment operation.
The new standard of railroad entertainment for your park, zoo, mall or private estate
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